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There are a number of reasons that lead to the change of the name of a company, starting from the imperatives of the legal provisions, in certain situations, to the change necessary to avoid confusion.

Regarding the change of the name of the company, a clarification is required, if the company was established before 2009: as with the establishment of the company, it is necessary to go through a previous stage, namely to check the availability and / or reservation of the company.

After completing the preliminary stage and obtaining proof of verification of availability and reservation of the company, in other words the agreement for the new name, will move to the second stage, namely registration in the Trade Register.

As an important element of the company changes, the name, the registration will involve a whole set of documents that will have to be submitted, some of them redone. Thus, for registration, among others, it will be necessary:

– application for registration, – proof of availability and company reservation,

 – if applicable, the agreement for the use of the name, provided by art. 39 of Law no. 26/1990 – republished, with subsequent amendments and completions,

– the act amending the articles of association (decision of the general meeting of shareholders / decision of the sole shareholder),

– the updated constitutive act.

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