Drafting, negotiating and providing assistance for concluding commercial contracts of any kind (sale-purchase, rental, leasing, distribution, loan, loan, mandate, pledge, mortgage, assignments),

Legal advice and drafting of legal opinions on any aspects of commercial law,

Representing clients in commercial disputes, before the Romanian courts ,

Consultancy and representation for commercial debt recovery ,

Assistance and representation in the relationship with bailiffs, public notaries public or private institutions.


Legal aid for the establishment, current operation, termination, dissolution, liquidation, merger, division of companies,

Increase or decrease of the share capital of companies,

Opening of branches, subsidiaries, offices, representative offices,

Change of company name, object of activities, registered office,

Appointment / replacement of administrators / censors,

Assignment of shares,

Increases and reductions of share capital,

Legal advice and drafting of legal opinions on any aspects of commercial law,

Representation of companies before Romanian courts, as well as bailiffs, public and private authorities.


Legal assistance in negotiating real estate transactions,

Legal assistance regarding the conclusion / execution / modification / termination of contracts for: sale-purchase, rental, enterprise, joint venture, mandate, loan, maintenance, annuity, etc.,

Drafting and supporting civil actions before the courts in different procedural phases,

Representing clients in civil disputes, before the Romanian courts,

Legal assistance and representation for the execution of court orders,

Succession law: legal advice and assistance and representation in court.


Legal advice on setting up and operating an non-profit associations,

Drafting and attestation of the articles of non-profit associations, statute, minutes of the general meetings,

Representation in court in order to acquire legal personality and registration of the association / foundation,

Representation in court in order to amend the articles of association / foundation and register the amendments in the Special Register at the court registry.


Legal advice on the rights and obligations resulting from collective labor agreements and individual employment contracts,

Legal assistance and representation before the courts in labor disputes of employees, companies / employing institutions or trade unions.


Legal assistance and representation in actions of divorce, division of common goods, children status,

Assistance and representation in actions aimed at establishing or denying the paternity of the child.


Legal assistance and representation before the criminal investigation authorities (police, prosecutor’s offices), of the accused persons, in a state of freedom or in a state of detention,

Legal assistance and representation before penal courts of any degree, in the first grade, in appeal, as well as in extraordinary appeals for persons sent to trial or in the execution of the sentence (requests for establishing the execution regime, appeals to execution for sentencing),

Legal assistance and representation of persons harmed as a result of a crime, in order to prosecute the responsible persons and in order to recover the material or moral damages created by the crime.


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